Bagration to Berlin : The Final Air Battles in the East 1944-1945

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This is the last in a quartet of books that together gives total coverage of air battles in this theatre of war from 1941 to 1945. It details the final phase of air operations in the East from late 1943, and then covers the German defensive operations around the River Dnepr and the Sea of Azov in September 1943, and the subsequent German retreat and the air bridge to Cherkassy in early 1944. Final coverage is given to the epic air battles during the major Soviet offensive against the Army Group Centre in mid-1944, the fall of Rumania and the autumn battles in Poland, Courland and on the Vistula, ending with the major Soviet winter offensive of early 1945 and the last ditch battles over Berlin itself.

From the Publisher's book synopsis:

"The strength of the authors writing lies not only in the fantastic in-depth detail, but the ability to tell the story from the viewpoints of both sides and also from both strategic and tactical contexts. There is also unique eye-witness material and the text is accompanied by a large number of rare and many previously unpublished photographs, biography boxes, plus data tables, technical assessments and appendices."


ISBN13 / EAN: 9781903223918
ISBN10: 1903223918


Hardback, format 303 x 227 mm; ca 200 photographs, many of which have never previously been published; word count a. 100,000 words.

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