Barbarossa: The Air Battle

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Large size, 144 pages, word count +100,000, 125 photographs, colour illustrations, hardback

ISBN 1903223733

Reviews on Barbarossa: The Air Battle Updated 8 March 2008

Editor's review: The rapid advance of the German army in its invasion of Russia during the summer and autumn of 1941 could not have been made without the aerial supremacy achieved by the Luftwaffe. This informed, detailed and balanced account features newly discovered information from both Russian and German sources and significantly expands the author's earlier study.

Note: This book is very much different from the author's previous book Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 1. Barbarossa: The Air Battle is a completely new book. Compared with the old BCRS#1, Barbarossa: The Air Battle is on a much higher level with many, many new details and a far deeper research.


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These books study the air war on the Eastern Front from a slightly different angle than Black Cross/Red Star. The "Ian Allan books" are more oriented towards planning and strategy, while the Black Cross/Red Star books are more of operational histories.


NEWS 13 October 2008: A Czech edition of Barbarossa: The Air War - Barbarossa-bitva ve vzduchu - will be released by the Publishing house Deus in Prague in November 2008.